July 2018’s New Moon in Cancer: How I Use Lunar Cycles to Manifest My Writing Goals

Unsolicited Opinions / Tuesday, July 10th, 2018

I do a lot of magical thinking, and as long as I don’t let it mingle overmuch with my obsessive-compulsive tendencies I’m gonna go ahead and diagnose it as a perfectly healthy filter through which to view a chaotic world.

So yes: the witchy things I do/have done include bathing my crystals in the crooks of treetrunks under the full moon; reiki healing; sage smudging my home until the couch is a no more than a crouched behemoth through the haze; setting up Circles on the ground surrounded by candles in an approximation of north-east-south-west (though I have a terrible sense of direction and my sister has more than once looked askance at my rudimentary compass); basing my major life decisions off the cycles of the moon.

Which brings me to the new moon in Cancer coming up on Thursday the 12th at 10:45pm ish, a time I got for New York from here.

Although I’ve always felt the weird soft pull of the new moon, Yasmin Boland’s book Moonology really helped me define my relationship with the lunar cycle. She also has a website full of cool info, if you’re moon-ily inclined.

According to Boland, “New Moon manifesting reminds us to get clear on our dreams and goals once a month – and write them down or draw them.”

Yasmin echoes many witchy thinkers when she says that the new moon is a time of great potential,  of new beginnings. Many interweb-people agree, like these people and this lady and this blog.

This makes implicit sense (I mean, if you’re the type of person who thinks nature and the elements give a shit about making sense). The hidden seed in the winter soil exists at its greatest potentiality; the moon in her absence is powerful. As opposed to the full moon, which in all its silver pomposity (sorry: I think the full moon’s kinda a show off. J/k moon, pls don’t curse me) shows the result of manifestations and the culmination of waxing dreams, the new moon invites you to project your desires onto a blank slate.

The place the moon occupies is an empty canvas at the time of the new moon. It’s dark tilled soil open to seeds. Sketch your desires on its surface; plant those seeds in the waiting soil.

Since I starting syncing with the lunar cycle about year ago, I’ve been more or less successful at manifesting the baby-steps of my artistic goals. In fact, that’s how I got started with this blog. I didn’t try to manifest anything absurd or anything I couldn’t control: I WANT 1,00,000 FOLLOWERS ASAP AND AFFILIATE LINKS. No. I sat in my circle surrounded by candles and I told myself I would create two articles every week for a blog. And so I did. And so I have, every week since.

When you hang your wishes on the invisible new moon, you’re taking a leap of faith. Maybe you sense an emptiness in your life–mirrored by the sky– that you should be filling with more writing (or more music, or more time with your family, or more from-scratch baked goods or more reading). You can align yourself with the darkness of the moon – and fill it up with light every day after that. When you get to the full moon (which is great, really, not obnoxious at all) you may start to see the culmination of some of your manifestations.

The New Moon this month is in Cancer. Before you scoff at me for being into both moon-magic AND astrology…actually, nah. You can scoff, I don’t care.

Anyway, according to Moonology, this new moon relates to those Cancer-sign attributes: family, the home, nurturing, and water. Have you been spending enough time at the place you think of as home – whether that’s the place you live in, or the place you associate with love and togetherness? Have you been taking care of yourself and others, prioritizing healthy food and comfort? If not, tonight would be a good night to ruminate on those home-y oriented thoughts, to hatch plans for a comfortable return to your roots, and to focus on what grounds and reconnects you with family. Bolin recommends taking a bath or jumping in the ocean or having a massive pool party (she didn’t say that last bit but, you know, follow your heart).

Because these things are tenuous, you have free reign to interpret the new moon anyway you want. Also, based on your rising sign each new moon is in a different astrological house. (I can’t figure that out for you: take to the internet, people!) So because I’m an Aries rising sign, the new moon in Cancer is in my 4th house, which is, according to Bolin, “the home and family zone.” So this New Moon, I’m getting a double dose of home& family magic, from the new moon in Cancer and from it being in my 4th house.

This make sense for me. I just got married. My husband and I are thinking of children. We are thinking of buying a house. And because I’m a crazy person, I’m already obsessing on how I’m going to balance writing fiction with all the new changes in my home and family this will represent. This is a time of significant change for me.

So what to do with all this moon stuff?

This is what you’ll find me doing the night of the new moon. I won’t share all of my manifestations bc I still have some boundaries dammit but…

I’ll set up a circle in my living room (the process for this is lengthy and insane and I’ll deff go into it another time) and I’ll meditate for a bit. I’ll write down all the things I’m grateful for since the last New Moon and I’ll start outlining my goals for this month, trying to focus on how to integrate my creative impulses with my changing home and family life.

I’ll get very specific with the writing goals. For the next month, here are my goals:

  1. 1,200 words every day in my rewrite for my series, M&J (easier than you may think because I kind know exactly what needs to happen in the rewrite)
  2. Two articles a week written (not necessarily posted) for Failing at Writing
  3. At least one work of writing (short story, novel, essay, comic book, poem, husband’s video game if I’m feeling lazy) read and analyzed each week (ties in with goal #2)
  4. Skeleton outline of novel that’s been bouncing around in my head – outline one chapter per day for a total of 30 chapters.

If that sounds like a lot…it is. And those are just the goals I’m comfortable sharing. I also want to manifest the inner security I need to start freelancing in earnest by August 10th (that’s when my full time real person contract job ends); I want to focus more on cooking everyday; I want to do a lot of home searches in the area with my husband and get closer to finding that home; I want to spend these long summer days reconnecting with my family and friends; I want to stop letting my houseplants wither and die like I’m their evil overlord and they’re prisoners in my plant dungeon.

I never want to overwhelm myself with goals, especially since I do have some issues with OCD and I can easily push myself over the edge. But anything I’ve achieved in my entire life is because I pushed myself just slightly further than my comfort zone. Asked myself to write a little more. To read and learn a little more. To love my loved ones a little harder. This New Moon, I’m going to allow myself to manifest big while still accepting the limitations of my my body, mind, and creativity.

Your friends and family can support you greatly in your fiction career (or lack thereof). They can say nice things like, “I actually enjoyed reading that,” and “Keep plugging away, old chap” (no one says that to me.) But ultimately, the power to invest your time and energy in fiction? That’s up to you. Even if you don’t believe any of the moon-y nonsense I’m spouting, I’m deff right about one thing: it’s good to take clear inventory of your goals and desires once a month. And if that once-a-month just so happens to coincide with celestial forces? All the better.

How about you? Any New Moon plans? Do you officially think I’m loony (heh) now? Discuss.


4 Replies to “July 2018’s New Moon in Cancer: How I Use Lunar Cycles to Manifest My Writing Goals”

  1. I just started working with lunar cycles this year — I do tend to find that they affect me (once I started paying attention, or once I started absorbing enough new age-y material to sort of note the correlations), and I think it’s something that I’ll continue doing because with a Cancer Ascendant the moon is actually my chart ruler. I do tend to be ruled by my emotions and moods, and the cycles of planting seeds and manifesting, and having experiences/epiphanies around the moon’s presence in the different signs actually helps give a sense of structure to what has been in my life (until now) a very unstructured and sometimes bewildering experience of moody-ness, if that makes sense!

    1. That makes perfect sense. Especially in a creative field, I genuinely believe that no one in our lives is going to create that structure for us – we have to do it ourselves. And for me, aligning myself with a sort of 3rd party (the moon. ha) allows me a measure of accountability I wouldn’t otherwise have. Since I’ve started integrating it, I can also feel the approach of the new and full moon without consciously thinking about it, and it’s help me feel more connected (and spiritual) in general.

  2. I am a big fan of the moon, and why not. It was our night mother that kept us safe for tens of thousands of years. Too dark to hunt or forage, fight or make tools – we told stories, danced, painted, and drew. That’s my thinking anyway. The moon, in a way, embodies creativity and it’s cycles are reflected in a woman’s creative life, which actually creates new life! I think it’s pretty cool how you incorporate the moons into your writing practice. 🙂 Keep it up – especially if its working.

    1. I love that way of looking at the moon – as creating a gathering space for storytelling and creativity. And I definitely feel like there’s a major connection between my creativity, my femininity, and the cycles that I align myself with. And like you said, as long as it’s working I’m going to stick with it!

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