August New Moon Writing Goals: Leo, Lughnasadh, and Second Plantings

Unsolicited Opinions / Saturday, August 11th, 2018

What’s that you say? Super interested in what I have to say about August new moon intention-setting? Cool!

As you may know from previous witchy posts, I follow a lunar cycle to plan, organize, and anticipate the changing seasons of my life. Last month, I talked about how the new moon was in Cancer: the sign of the family and the home. I settled pretty heartily into that energy and let it carry me into this month.

Though some of my more ambitious writing goals sloughed off like dead skin (it’s okay – prioritizing is a process), my conscious manifesting allowed me to reclaim a space in my home that I had left vacant for some time. Whether or not you believe in celestial providence, intention-setting on a monthly basis can be a powerful tool.

This month’s new moon is Saturday, August 11th, in the sign of Leo

Ah, Leo. I’m particularly drawn to Leos: they are confident and outgoing. They are these fun and flirty and creative lovable show-offs. They glow and pulse and despite any self-deprecation they may engage in to save face, we all know the truth. Leos are confident and magnetic humans who attract success.

I am not a confident or magnetic human that attracts success.

Every once in a while, when I’m in a particular mood, my brother will call me and ask “Why are you a bug today?” It’s cute, but also a little too painfully true.

When you are a human who is also a little bit of a bug, normal everyday people interactions can feel hazardous. I flinch when the phone rings. I sometimes have to photograph my stove before I leave the house so that I don’t panic it’s on all day. Generally, I succumb to obsessive-compulsive mind traps.

As you might suspect, this makes it difficult for me to be a)assertive b)confident c)comfortable, ever. As part of my new- moon-in-leo intention-setting, I plan to embrace a little more confidence. To feel a little more comfortable showing off the things I do that are actually…okay.

So if you, like me, struggle with confidence in any area of your life, this is a great time to address those feelings of inadequacy. If you’re already super confident and not afraid to show it, then…I don’t know what to say. Because I’ve never been there. Must be great.

The Leo new moon also offers a chance for you to really focus on your creative passions, to plunge headfirst into projects that interest and excite you. To laugh, have fun, and loosen up a little. Try to think about what really lights you up! Try to invest your energy in activities that make you feel youthful, excited, and full of wonder.

The August new moon is a time to celebrate the metaphorical harvest

Lughanasadh is a traditional Gaelic festival traditionally celebrated on Ireland and Scotland on the first of August or thereabouts. 

According to Wikipedia, the festival is named after the god Lugh, who was super into sports and climbing and stuff. He started the festival in commemoration of his stepmother, goddess Taitu. She like literally died because she worked so hard planting crops. She deserved a party.

Lughanasadh involves a ton of athletic stuff because of sports-God, but my main takeaway from the event is that it’s a celebration of the harvest. This new moon, please reap what you’ve sown. Gather resources and save them for the winter.

Getting personal: because yesterday was the last day of my temp job at a university, I’ve been thinking a lot about shored-up resources. I’ve saved a lot over the last few months at that position, in the hopes that I could devote a few guilt-free weeks to writing and planning my next career moves (hopefully in writing).

If you’re in a similar position (transitioning from a steady field into a more tenuous one) please consider aligning yourself with this harvest energy. Allow yourself the chance to celebrate all you’ve accomplished and gathered in preparation for the next season of your life.

The August new moon is a time for second plantings

In my area (New York), August is a time not only of harvesting, but of second plantings. Fall’s coming, but the soil’s still warm and it’s been softened and broken in by previous plantings. You can plant some hardy crops.

So if you haven’t quite done enough in the past few months to provide a buffer for yourself, the August new moon is your second chance at setting those intentions.

For me, this means working really hard at developing content to sell, reaching out to copywriting businesses small and large, polishing my writer’s bio, and studying up on what makes freelance writing viable for other people.

It’s a perfect time to plant those last seeds of the season.

How this comes together in my August new moon intention-setting

Later on today, I’m going to get real witchy with my candles and my incense and my circle. I’ll think about what it means to work with the new moon in the sign of Leo. I’ll think about the work I’ve done to create a solid base for myself as I enter this new season. Also, I’ll contemplate my next steps, my second planting. Here’s a vague, and by no means exhaustive, list of intentions:

1.Work with Leo energy. I’ll set an intention for confidence with my queries, applications, and self-promotion. If all goes well, I’ll transform from a bug into a lion. Or at least a bug-sized lion. Goals: craft more confident query letters. Talk about writing more with prospective clients. Tell myself daily that I’m not absolutely terrible. Pursue creative projects I’ve been putting off. Laugh a lot. Loosen up.

2.Work with first harvest energy. This new moon, I’ll set an intention for trust and gratitude based on the resources I’ve gathered in previous months. Goals: allow myself to maintain an adequate standard of living despite my tenuous position. Express daily gratitude for what I have.

3.Work with second-planting energy. This is not the time to become complacent and lean on what I’ve already done. Goals: spend at least four hours every workday with focused intention on freelance writing. Keep spreadsheets and logs of my progress. Keep plugging away at my fiction (with a super long-range harvest in sight)

4.Don’t forget July’s Cancer energy. I intend to maintain the home-based intentions I placed last month. Goals: remove myself from work if it becomes oppressive. Reserve time every day for home keeping and cooking. Call on family regularly.

Phew, that’s a whole lot of personal. Thx, friends, for joining me on this month’s weird witchy ramble.

I invite you to place any of your writing intentions for this coming month in the comment section below, if that’s the kind of thing you’re into. Or even if it’s the kind of thing you’re totally not into. Or don’t, whatever. 

Happy manifesting, folks!

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