Storytelling Basics in The Godfather (s)

Unqualified Analysis

I avoided it for years. My four older brothers used to talk about it at family gatherings in reverential tones; discuss every white-lipped utterance flung from Al Pacino’s lips; hum the score like a dirge throughout the house; expound on the virtues of Parts I and II and deride the third. I’m speaking, of course, […]

October 3, 2018

Hello September: New Moon in Virgo

Unsolicited Opinions

It’s that time again. That new moon time. That oversharing-with-strangers about my witchiness time. And not a moment too soon. Towards the end of a lunar cycle, right before the moon hides her face for a night, I generally find myself yearning to do the same. When I think about all my unmet goals and […]

September 8, 2018

Finding a Place to Write

Unsolicited Opinions

You know how to tell it’s time to leave the house and find another place to write? Out of nowhere you notice that there’s a build up of grime on the crooked upper elbow of the pipe under your bathroom sink. Are you really a bad enough person to keep WRITING at this juncture – […]

September 1, 2018

3 Tips from The Little Red Writing Book

Unqualified Analysis

I know I know I know I’m a giant nerd, but I had so much fun reading through writing rules in The Little Red Writing Book this past week. And it’s not just because I love rules. And writing. Oh wait, yes, it’s exclusively because of those two things. Ya’ll may be aware that I’ve […]

August 29, 2018